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            Our premium apparel collections are made with Bella + Canvas textiles. The fiber and knit yarns were sourced from best suppliers around the globe including the USA ensuring that the fabric will only be made with the high quality materials. It is then dyed locally in Southern California using the most efficient dyeing equipment. The color matching is computer driven.

            The cutting takes place in their manufacturing headquarters in Los Angeles using customized software and cutting tables that cuts a large amount of garments with unmatched precision. Using advanced technology, the cutting is precisely done by machines which makes small notches indicating where exactly the pieces should be lined up when sewn ensuring high quality construction.

            The sewing facility is located in the North and Central American regions where quality control teams ensures the garments are finished with the quality Bella + Canvas is known for. The neck label lists the country the garment is sewn as country of origin.

           All sewn garments are shipped back to their US headquarters for another round of quality control before being storing and sent out to distributors 





           Our heavy cotton apparel collections were made using Gildan Textile which is proudly spun in the USA a#960000nd majority of the cotton used is purchased in the USA. Knitting machines are used to transform yarn into fabric. It is then rinsed, dyed, dried, compressed and cut using state of the art cookie cutters and robots.

            The different parts cut by the robots are being assembled together by highly skilled workers. In-house inspectors are also present to check the quality of the garments. Once sewn and the quality is checked the clothes are wrapped and transported to distributors.



Our premium racerback cut tank top is made with Next Level Apparel which continue to lead the industry with innovative fabric blends and supplier of the world fashion market. The fabric was made utilizing combed ring-spun cotton fabrics that are soft. It is made with 60% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton 40% Polyester and stored in warehouses in different states of America.  



The Family Ugly Christmas Premium Baby Onesies are made with Rabbit Skin brand which is a trusted name in providing quality clothing for babies, toddlers and young children. Every step of production is especially made considering the welfare of the little members of the family.