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Family Ugly Christmas Women's Collections

Grandma Elf

          Grandmothers are the central support of all the women and even the men in the family. They are the source of valuable information on health and nutrition, pregnancy, childbirth and childcare. They also have the database on how to sustain the harmonious relationship in the family and in continuously nurturing each member to make their home a better place for everybody. That’s why the design for the Family Ugly Christmas “Grandma Elf” and “Grandma” differs in size and font. This signifies their big, yet feminine role in the family.

Mother Elf

          When we designed the Family Ugly Christmas “Mother” and “Mother Elf” design, we’re also acknowledging the vital role of mothers in the lives of the family especially the children. The have a variety of duties from housekeeper, event planner, teacher, counselor to becoming the world changer. So this design was a tribute to the world changers of our society. It’s our way of saying a big thank you for handling what was given to you so gracefully.


Mama Elf

          Mamas are the big guys of the children. It’s is their role to love and nurture their children with all their heart. Aside from that, they also fulfill the role of organizer, administrator and economist of the family. The Family Ugly Christmas “Mama Elf” design was made having the tough mama in mind.


Mrs. Elf

          While Mrs. are also homemakers who performs selfless duties for the whole family, we at Family Ugly Christmas also acknowledges their role as the support system to their Misters. They are the Christmas lights who shines the path of every Mr. and shared almost majority of their years as unwavering partners. Like what Mrs. Claus did for Santa. The “Mrs. Elf” and “Mrs.” designs were dedicated to these strong women in the world.

Wife Elf

          The Family Ugly Christmas “Wife Elf” and “Wife” designs were put together, while thinking of the women whose responsibilities can be properly understood in the context of loving helper to their husbands. We acknowledge the emphasis on the responsibilities given to them and it is our sincerest hope that every wife who wears our collections may feel the love we embed upon each apparel made available for them.


Auntie Elf

Aunts are the to-go person in the family. They can poster a special bond with nieces and nephews and considered the “Cool” adult in the family. They also make a good teacher and offer a different perspective when offering help to the kids. That is the very heart in the creation of the Family Ugly Christmas “Auntie” and “Auntie Elf” design. Wearing a matching apparel with aunts make the kids’ Christmas merrier and brighter.


Sister Elf

          Wardrobe consultants, personal stylists, memory keepers, hope givers, best friends and second mothers. All that you need, packaged in a single human being called sisters. The Family Ugly Christmas “Sister Elf” design of our apparel was conceptualized thinking of sending love to them in a silent way and to comfort and thanks them for the many roles they perform every day.


Daughter Elf

Daughters play a vital role in the family as they portray the role of helping the parents take care of the siblings, doing household chores and to simply be a role model to younger ones. That very special place of the daughter/s in the family makes the creation of the Family Ugly Christmas “Daughter” and Daughter Elf” designs memorable.